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After hours care

If you need medical attention after hours (apart from an accident), phone the practice number 298 5114. Your call will be answered by an experienced nurse who will assess your needs and either:


  • If possible, resolve your issue with advice

  • Recommend a phone or video consultation with a doctor via Practice Plus*

  • Recommend a face to face consultation and advise you where to go

  • In an emergency, call the ambulance.


If you have an accident after hours, go direct to Team Medical or Kenepuru Accident & Medical Clinic.  Team Medical (at Coastlands) is open 5pm to 10pm weekdays and 8am to 10pm weekends and public holidays.  Kenepuru Accident & Medical Clinic (at Kenepuru Hospital) is open 24 hours.


*Practice Plus is an online service offering telephone and video consultations and available 5-10pm weekdays and 8am to 10pm weekends and public holidays – Costs vary for children, adults and Community Service Card holders – check online.  If you wish you can sign up for Practice Plus now without any obligation, then it will be easily available when you need it.

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