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Fees for registered patients

Child under 14                                no charge

Children 14 to 17                                       $13

Adults 18+                                             $19.50

Prescriptions                                   $19.50

Community Service Card Holders

All consultations including accidents

Community Service Card Holders

Children under 14

Sexual health for those aged 18 and under


Free consultations

Non-Community Service Card Holders

Child under 14                             no charge

Children 14 to 17                                   $33

Young adults 18 to 24                           $43

Adults 25+                                               $59

Prescriptions                                      $22

Review & repeat of regular medication

Most follow-up appointments

Nurse appointments


Full consultations including accidents

There are reduced fees for:

There are higher charges for some consultations such as

Driving licence medicals, skin surgery, biopsy,

IUCD insertion, resection ingrowing toenails,

catheterisation, cognitive assessment,

nasal cautery

ECG                                              add $34

Spirometry                                 add $33

Home Visit                                  add $28


Reminder fee on accounts                $5

Other extras include:

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